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Shutter Speed

It is defined as “the amount of time that the shutter is opened”.  I won’t really go into detail of how this works. If you want to know more, please read up the article on “Introduction to Shutter Speed in Digital Photography” at DPS. There are lots of articles on tips & tutorials when you read on. […]

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New addition

I’ve been doing a couple of weeks reading and research in getting a new lens for everyday stuff, portrait and indoor shooting under very low lights. The last lens that I got for myself (doesn’t count the recent Christmas gift of 28-135mm lens from the hub) from my own pocket was my Tokina 12-24mm wide angle lens, […]

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My wishlist

is always long, according to the hub. *laugh* That’s quite true. But everyone have a long wishlist. It’s not just me, right, right? Pssttt………..please agree with me if you intend to leave a comment on this post so when he reads them, he’ll have to agree with me too. Hahahahahahahaha!!  Anyway, I’ve received my 2nd […]

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