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It's a lazy weekend

for me and with the warm weather and humidity on the high, I hardly wanted to step out of the house. Coming home from a place where the weather was cool was an agony for me. So, Monday to Friday was just going to and back from work. No hanging out for me. And this weekend, […]

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The best part of today

This week’s catalyst at Creative Therapy is about “What is the best part of your day, today”. The girls were all simply amazing with their work and each week is getting better and better! Have I mentioned that I’m truly honored to be working with them?? And I’ve recently celebrated my 35th Birthday and I […]

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My first day

at work today. I went back to work after two weeks of break and gosh, I had a hard time waking up this morning! LOL! But I had a GREAT time at the new office today! Everyone has been really nice including my manager. He’s about 5 years younger than me, in fact in my team, I’m the […]

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