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Missing You

*SIGH* All of a sudden, I’m missing everyone, my dh, Ethan, mum, dad, sis & all my close friends. Yeah I know, I see both my dh & son everyday but I really do miss them when I’m at work. I just couldn’t get enough of them! Hahahahahahahaha!! Call me crazy but I love my […]

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Skinny arse!

That’s what my dh calls me for the past years! For those who knows me & seen me in real life would know what I mean. “Are you suffering from anorexia?”, my friends once asked me. Hahahahahahaha!! I nearly rolled on the flooring laughing so hard from the statement! Can someone tell everyone how much I can […]

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Am I artistic or creative?

I have not been known to be artistic or creative all my life, according to my folks & my dh. Hahahahahaha!! Can’t blame them.  Sometimes when I open my mouth to sing, dh will always laugh out loud & reminded me of the time when I had a drink & became a bit tipsy (I […]

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