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Label Tulip Gallery is up!

Yes, the Tulip Girls works are finally up in their gallery! Go have a peep now and you’re going to love them to bits! It’s a another amazing month with these amazing girls! Here’s mine to share with you before I leave for the Philippines in a couple of hours. Hope you like what you […]

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I *Heart* Fabric

Right now, I’m slightly crazy over fabric. I’ve been reading a lot about sewing and trying to find time to sew, that is if I have the time. But looking at the increase of my work load now, I’ll be lucky I’ll get a couple of hours a week to do some sewing or even […]

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Are you ready for this?

Yes, today is the day for the full reveal of the Tulip Girls AMAZING projects in Label Tulip!! I have to say that the girls did an AWESOME job again!! They never cease to amaze every month and I’m so inspired by them and proud to be working with them!! Please do check out the LT’s gallery right here!! I’m going […]

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