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This has got to be

one of the best day we’ve spent as a family, at Siloso Beach, in Sentosa Island!! We were all geared up to spend a good whole morning at the beach and we had sooooooo much fun & laughter!! And a little bit of sunburn!! Ouch!! The beach wasn’t crowded, which we liked it that way […]

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Look what I've been

up to on a quiet Saturday afternoon!! DH took this picture of me, scrapping away. Look how messed up is my scrap table!! This my only favourite Japanese figurine I bought for myself when I was in Japan years ago. Shooting myself in front of this huge mirror in my dining room. You see how […]

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testing, 1 2 3. Hahahahahahaha!! I’ve been playing with my new toy for the last couple of days & would like to share these photos with you. Some of the pictures are edited & some are not. Here’s what I took   This is my little rascal   This is someone’s little DD, not mine. Me […]

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