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Perfect break

I can’t believe the weekend passed so soon and tomorrow it’s back to work again. Just 2 short days, I have to admit I found myself relaxed and freed my mind of all the stress that build up the whole week. I think family ‘therapy’ is the greatest thing to help ease stress and worries. […]

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I had a great day today, spent some quality time with the hub and Ethan. We were in downtown browsing the bookstore, did a little shopping, had sushi at Sakae Sushi, visited the nursery and got some plants and fresh flowers, and also took some lovely pictures. This post is going to be heavily loaded with […]

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Playing with Textures

I’ve said this before and I’m going to say it again now, I’m seriously an idiot when it comes to “Photoshop” ing  the pictures that I’ve taken. The only thing that I can get around is the Brightness/Contrast, Levels, a little bit of Curves and Hue/Saturation functions. Period. That’s all I know. Ohhh…………..maybe cropping and […]

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