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Favorite Instagram Feed Part 4

Another week has passed quickly and the 3rd quarter of the year is coming to an end soon. I can’t believe how time flies! No wonder my son Ethan has been busy writing & filling up his Christmas wishlist last weekend! *laugh* I was telling him isn’t it a tad too early for that but I didn’t […]

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Going Polaroid

Back when I was in my early teens and owning a camera was a highly luxurious priviledge (and out of the question for me! *laugh*), I had my first taste in using my uncle’s polaroid camera and since then, I was always amazed at how an image can appear almost instantly the moment we took the shot. I couldn’t […]

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I Can’t Wait

Ever since I received my Becky Higgins binder and page protectors from my sister (she brought them back from the US) and my pre-ordered Clementine kit with Scraplicious, I’ve been waaaaaaayyyyy too eager to get started on my 2012 Project Life. *laugh* Yes, I’ve been acting like a little kid waiting anxiously to play with […]

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