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Prima July BAP

Hi there! I’m extremely apologetic for my lack of presence here. I’ve just returned past midnight from my business trip to Bangkok. It has been an extremely exhausting week, working round the clock for 5 straight days. Every day I started off at 7am and only returned to my hotel room around 9pm! And whatever […]

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Just amazing!

I simply couldn’t believe I’ve been made a Prima flower girl!! It’s truly an honor to be swamped with the most talented group of girls!! A BIG congratulations to all the Prima girls, Alyssa McGrew-US Amanda Muirhead-Canada Anabelle O’Malley-US Birgit Koopsen-Netherlands Candice Reszko-US Daniela Dobson-US Jaime Warren-US Jamie Dougherty-US Janine Koczwara-Australia Julie Fei-Fan Balzer-US Ingvild Bolme-Norway […]

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