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We’re back!

But seriously, the hub and I wished that this vacation doesn’t have to end so soon. We had a wonderful time, especially Ethan, the hub and I get to spend lots of time together, without any disturbances from our work. We practically switched off our mobile phones, only turning it on just to check if […]

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We’re here!

We’re finally here at Club Med Bintan!! We just wanna say hi to all and to let you know we’re having a great time! Just a day here and we’ve taken more than a hundred great pictures! lol….lol….Will share them soon! We have 4 more days and our next few days will be filled with lots of activities. […]

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Have a great weekend!

I’ll be leaving for my vacation soon and wish you a great weekend with your loved ones. I hope I’ll be able to come in and share pictures with you ok? And thank you again to those who have emailed me about the canvas class. I’ll get back to you soon once I finalized the details. […]

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