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Complete Makeover

If only I’m the one getting a complete makeover, I’ll be darn happy! *laugh* If I am, you’re going to be the first to know it, that’s for sure! Well, as most of you would have known, last weekend Instagram was down in a mass power outage caused by a massive storm in the United […]

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New Found Love

Right now, I’m feeling elated beyond imagination! I have found myself a new love! Yay! Well, I’ve been longing for a typewriter, not an ordinary modern one but a vintage piece, for as long as I could remember and I’ve finally found one! Yes, I really do sound like an lovestruck teenager who just had […]

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Have you ever wonder

that some things in your home are as old as you or even much older than you are? *laugh* I didn’t know that I would find any “treasure” at all while I was rummaging through our camera dry box yesterday, until I saw these! I was actually very surprised to see them in the dry box at […]

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