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Project Life | Week 47

This is a sequel of my Project Life page using Studio Calico Printshop collection. I called it a sequel because I put together Week 46 and 47 in a single day with the same collection. It’s like playing golf, two rounds of 9 holes. What a feat! *laugh* I think I was high on something that weekend to be able to achieve this. Hahaha! I think I was pretty determined to catch up with so many weeks behind I could feel momentum running high so I took the opportunity to get as much done as I can and I’m glad I did. 🙂

I could have caught up with more weeks rather than just two in a day, you know, just do a quick and simple page with just photos, PL cards and journaling. But I chose to stick to my own style, without short changing the embellishments that I always love to include in my spreads. It’s ok that I took about 1.5 hours to complete this spread but I just love THE moment when I work on each card carefully. I love how it turned out and I’m happy I took the time to do what I always do.

_MG_3457aI particularly love this week because of the pop of red, orange and teal against the white. Like I’ve mentioned in my Week 46 post, I love working on a white base card, putting a little touch of color and the end result will be mainly on the pictures and journaling, nothing overwhelming.

Here you can see a repetition of me using the grid cards with two sizes,  4″x6″ and 3″ x 4″ on at least half the page. For the other cards, I’ve used the Printshop 6×6 Paper Pad and mat it with the grid cards again. Repetition of my Week 46. Just the way I like it.


The same goes week after week, title card first. I only allow myself up to 5 minutes to complete it and then quickly move on to the next card. Title card – 4″x6″ grid card, a strip of pattern paper from the 6×6 Paper Pad, printable label and shapes from Studio Calico shop under digital printable, alphas from AC Thickers “Sketchbook” and finished off with date stamping. That’s it!


Another simple card with just label, tag, alphas and Transparent Words. Attach the word to the card with Tiny Attacher. Done.


I just love the black journaling spot from the Vellum Die Cuts. I wrote my words with a white Uni-ball Signo I bought from my local bookstore. I have 3 of them! *laugh*


I particularly love the Her Swatches paper from the  6×6 Paper Pad. I cut it to 3×4 and used it as filler card. Just added a label, mini alphas and a mini badge. That ‘yum yum’ word is from the Foodie Stamp Set from Marks & Co SB add-on Woolf. I love this stamp set so much, one of my all time favorite stamp set, and it was clearly being over-used as I have food pictures every single week! 🙂


Another quick card to make. Base card is from 6×6 Paper Pad, adhered the photo, added  Scripty Words Rub-ons, label, word tag and the Paperclip. In two weeks worth of spread, I’ve used up all the paperclips! You can imagine how much I love them. 😉


My last card of the left aide of the spread, 4″x6″ grid card, a strip of pattern paper from the 6×6 Paper Pad, printable label, Wood Veneer CircleStar Vellum Stickers and finished off with a quick journaling.

I really, really do enjoy the moment when I put this page together. So much fun playing with this collection.


I think I nearly cried when this page was completed. In a good way of course! *laugh* I just love that I went all out to put this right page together. Sometimes I just embrace that moment wholeheartedly without holding back. Sometimes I hit a roadblock and I had to walk out of my room a few times before I could move on. But that’s just life. You just have to step away, take a deep breath, clear your mind and set the path right again.

I’ve been asked many times if I plan my week or do I take note. Seriously, I don’t plan my week for my PL. I don’t take notes. I can just remember the story behind every picture when I look at them. Well, almost all of them. Yes, I have to say I do missed out a lot of stories without pictures, that were worth documented. That will be one of my resolutions for this year, to make a note on stories without any photos on my diary. When I failed miserably in year 2012 when I first started Project Life, which I’ve only managed to complete up to Week 24 I think, I was ok with that. No big deal. I tried again in 2013 and as I’m writing this, I’m currently at Week 49 and I’ve only 3 more weeks to go before I can wrap up my year. I’m happy I’ve made it this far, with some stories lost somewhere but I managed to capture almost 90% of them. It’s not perfect but at least I tried. That itself is an achievement for me. I know that whatever I’ve learned in 2013, I’ll make it better this year. 🙂


Another repetition like the other cards. Added the Sketchbook alphas vertically on the side of the picture.


I thought why not blow up my words on 1/3 of the card with my favorite AC Thicker “Kitten” alphas, add a paperclip, some journaling at the bottom and I’m done! It looks kind of cool to me. 😉


Sometimes I like to have a mix of alphas on my card. You can even position them vertically, horizontally, across etc. Just try something different, if you like the idea, use the idea again, if you don’t like it, that’s fine. 🙂


Keeping it simple. Just add a label, wood veneer and paperclip. This will probably take you 3 minutes to complete.


Another layering repetition. Grid card, strip of pattern paper, label and stickers. I don’t overkill my card with too many embellishments. More is not always better. 🙂


Last card, repetition as well like the other layering I did.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my spread and have a better idea on how each of my card come together.

Wishing you a great weekend ahead! 🙂

  • RubyJanuary 4, 2014 - 1:04 am

    A W E S O M E!

    Just tell me, how do you print your photos in this size / format? Are you using a program like picasa?

    Love your PL pages!



  • pamelaJanuary 4, 2014 - 1:17 am

    Love your PL spreads!

  • LaudiciaJanuary 4, 2014 - 1:50 am

    Hi. Your spreads are amazing, as always. They’re so bright, clean, simple, and yet at the same time with wonderful vivid colors! I love your style, Sensei. Thanks for sharing. Bye. ^_^

  • MiraJanuary 4, 2014 - 3:12 am

    Totally love Your PL style!!!!!

  • Kristina BJanuary 4, 2014 - 4:06 am

    LOVE these pages so much. Your use of the Thickers is awesome!!! I live the Printshop line and all the black and white pops of color. As slways, your pages inspire!!

  • FindingnanaJanuary 4, 2014 - 10:33 am

    Hi Ruby,
    I’ll have a post up on my photo printing soon. Will be sharing how I print my photos. Keep a lookout! 🙂

  • RossanaJanuary 4, 2014 - 8:38 pm

    I like so much your pages!

Hey! I sincerely apologize for not coming in earlier to post this. Yesterday was a mad day, we’re having a minor reno at home so I was a little busy to pop in here.

Thank you once again for participating in the giveaway! I wish I could send a gift pack to each and every one of you but I only have four to give away. 🙁

So, the winners who will receive these 4 goodie bags are

– Gloriavp

– Ng Yeong Shong

– Sara Masoller

– Grace Koh

Congratulations girls!! Please send me your addy at findingnana73[at] to claim your pack. If I don’t hear from you within a week, I’ll pick another person to receive the goodies. So, hurry! 🙂

  • GloriavpJanuary 2, 2014 - 4:19 pm

    Wooooooooow!!!! It’s me !!! I am very happy !!

  • Sara MasollerJanuary 2, 2014 - 6:05 pm

    Yeahhhhh, Dear Leena, I m very happy, i start this 2014 fantastic, i have a write in my project life.
    Thanks you.
    and congratulations at the other winners

  • NicoleJanuary 2, 2014 - 8:46 pm

    Congrats you guys are sooo lucky! Enjoy!

  • Scrapalex37January 2, 2014 - 11:10 pm

    Congrats to winners.
    Happy new year.

Project Life | Week 46

It’s Day 1 of a brand new year and this is my first official post for 2014! Happy New Year to all of you from Singapore! I hope your 2013 was a great one and you’re ready to kick off 2014 with a big bang! 🙂

2013 was a good one for me and my family, even though we’ve lost someone dear in our lives. Our year was filled with the good and bad but we made everything work together as a family, me, the hub, Ethan, my folks, my in-laws and friends. It was a year filled with lots of laughter, tears, happiness, joy and sadness but we take it as a pinch of salt. We grew together as a family and we were there for each other throughout. Never once we backed out on each other. I love that we experienced the ups and down together, it was all a good life learning experience.

As I turned 40 in year 2013, I realized that it is just the beginning of my life. I didn’t let the numbers get to me for even one second and in fact, I embraced it whole-heartedly. I love that no matter how dreadful I feel dragging myself out of bed each morning thinking of the long drive to work, I could still bounced into my work place with a big smile. And it was noticed by many of my colleagues and they love that spirit of mine. I love making people laugh with my ever oh-so-lame jokes so as long it brighten up someone who has a bad day. I love when people tell me “Oh Leena, you are one darn crazy girl!” for a good reason. I love how well I could shed those worry lines from my forehead and casting aside whatever is on my mind, not letting it affect my spirit. So, age is just a number, nothing more than that. 🙂

That is what kept me going, day after day, year after year. I don’t want to spend my time in a rotten mood which will affect myself and the people around me. I’ve live by this principle for many years and I’ve earned a fair share of loyal friends, whom I’m ever so grateful for sticking by me. Life is definitely good. And I’m continuing to be who I am and be true to myself. That’s one of my 2014 goals! 😀

Anyway, as I’ve promised, I’ve just made another Project Life video on how I put my spread together. This is my 3rd series and I’m getting better and better at it! (to my standard. *laugh*) In this video, and the other two videos I made for Week 38 and Week 41, I’ve recorded the process of how put together my Project  Life page from the start to finish.

I used Studio Calico Printshop collection for this week’s spread and I cannot tell you how much I love this collection, which was designed with the help of Shanna Noel, a seriously talented lady who is a part of Studio Calico CT.



The products I used from the Printshop collection are the 6×6 Paper Pad, Doodle Thickers, Wood Veneer Circles, Vellum Die Cuts, Transparent Words, Mini Badges, Paperclips, Scripty Words Rub-ons, Star Vellum Stickers, Punctuation Accent Stickers.

The other must-have items included in this spread are Studio Calico printable labels and die cut tags. I cannot specifically tell you which kits they are from because I’ve amassed so many of these labels and tags from last one year (they’re leftover from the monthly kit printable) I just pulled them out from my container randomly, which you may have seen in my video. You can pop by SC’s digital shop under Printable Journal Cards and Shapes and purchase any one that you like. 🙂 All of the printable are printed and cut using my Silhouette Cameo. You can read my tutorial here using the print and cut feature.

The other favorite item that I always use is the grid cards, also available from Studio Calico shop. I think I cannot live without these cards as they are always used as the base of my PL cards. As you can see from my spread, I used the 4″x6″ and 3″ x 4″ in almost all the pockets, except a few. I love the clean white base of the cards with just a very faint design on them, non-cluttered at all.

I believe you would have noticed by now in my Project Life pages, I rarely use PL cards with very busy patterns because they will “drown” my photos and become too cluttered. I love that when I add photos and some embellishments onto the white based card, it pops out at me and the focus are more often on the photo itself.


If I use a card with patterns, I will cut out a white cardstock or grid card as a mat and also to tone down the patterns. In my title card here, you can see that I’ve used the 3″ x 4″ grid card (with very faint tiny circles pattern) on top of the paper I cut out from the 6×6 Paper Pad.


I’m so glad to see rub-ons included in the Printshop collection. I used to dislike them because it gets messy when it doesn’t come off easily after rubbing them onto my photos (from some of the other brands I used before) but this Scripty Words Rub-ons is pretty cool, easy to come off after rubbing it. I used the word “love” on my photo and I think it looks perfect with a nice contrast with the white rub-on against the photo.


Sometimes I like to leave my photo as it is without adding any journaling, maybe just one or two pieces of embellishments or label. For the Life filler card, I used a journaling spot from the Vellum Die Cuts, add the “life” word from Scripty Words Rub-ons and finish it off with a wood veneer from the Wood Veneer Circles pack.


I love layering label on top of another label, giving my card some texture. It does not necessary add thickness to it, just trim off the label a little and insert part of it under the photo and the other label. You can’t really see whether it’s a full piece or cut off labels because they’re hidden underneath right?  😉


The other item on my must-have list is my Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher. I think among all my tools that I have purchased over the years, this one has been clearly over-used, in every good way. It has served me very well on my Project Life. I always use it to attached labels, tags, printable and photos on my cards. It’s one of my best investments I’ve made to date. 🙂  The Transparent Words “love” I used on my card above, I just attached it onto the card with my Tiny Attacher. Simple as that. 🙂

I hope you’ll enjoy my video and thank you once again for constantly popping over my blog!

I’ll be announcing the New Year giveaway winners tomorrow. I’ve also have a list of planned blog posts over the next couple of weeks on my 2013 PL reflection, my goals, organization tips, printing of photos tips etc.

Happy New year to you once again!

  • Sandra KlaryJanuary 2, 2014 - 12:00 am

    Looooove your spread!!! Everything about it! <3 And Printshop is one of my favourite line ever 🙂

  • JanayJanuary 2, 2014 - 12:50 am

    I love to see your layouts!! They always inspire me to try something new with my SC kit. Great use of space on each card and I love how you’re not afraid to mix and match different kits and products. Thanks for sharing!! <3

  • Kimberly aka SamsSissyJanuary 2, 2014 - 1:37 am

    What a fantastic way to live! Thank you for sharing!!
    I love your pl pages & process.

  • Kirstie MacGowanJanuary 2, 2014 - 6:32 am

    A white mat on a busy card is a great idea! So simple! 🙂 happy new year to you as well, look forward to seeing more of your PL pages in 2014.

  • MegJanuary 2, 2014 - 7:58 am

    i LOVE your videos!!!!!

  • SharleneJanuary 2, 2014 - 12:16 pm

    One of my favourite posts EVER Leena! So brilliant to see how you put it all together and how simple, yet perfect, it actually is. Has inspired me to simplify this year!

  • SusanJanuary 2, 2014 - 1:31 pm

    Thank you for sharing that video with us. It is so helpful to see how your layouts come together. I love your style.

  • EvelynJanuary 2, 2014 - 2:08 pm

    Hello! Absolutely loved watching the video!!! 🙂
    May I know what tool you used to make the corners of the paper round?

  • FindingnanaJanuary 2, 2014 - 4:23 pm

    Hi Evelyn,
    I used a corner puncher to round my cards. I bought it from my local art store.:)

  • LindainausJanuary 2, 2014 - 5:21 pm

    Loved it, thanks Leena

  • KimberleeJanuary 3, 2014 - 7:28 am

    Amazing! So glad to have run across your blog and all of the uber-fabulous inspiration!

  • SylvJanuary 3, 2014 - 9:35 am

    I love watching your process videos! You seem to be so decisive in the embellishments you chose and the placement of them. It takes me forever to decide then commit to the placement.

  • Patty G.January 3, 2014 - 10:21 am

    Love your positive outlook! I enjoyed watching your PL process. The pops of color on the white grid cards look great!

  • Joy TaylorJanuary 3, 2014 - 4:33 pm

    Leena you inspire me so much, girl you are amazingly talented..I love watching your process and you almost make me want to tackle PL 🙂 still sitting on the fence with this you girl xx

  • MsaulaJanuary 4, 2014 - 4:59 am

    Wonderful video…You are a PL Rock Star Leena! Love your style and your layouts!

  • MarieJanuary 4, 2014 - 8:16 am

    Love the look of this, and it’s great inspiration as I go to start my 2014 book. Just curious, what size of photos do you tend to go for most often? It looks like 2.5 x 2/5 with a thin white border?

  • FindingnanaJanuary 4, 2014 - 10:32 am

    Hi Marie,
    Most of the time I use square photos and they’re in 2.5×2.5 with border. 🙂

Yes? No? *laugh*

Not funny. ;p

Forgive me, I’m in New Year mood, so everything I said I felt tickled myself. Duh!

Here are my last giveaways for 2013 which I have completely forgottten about. Consider this as a gesture of my appreciation for your constant support and for following my blog. I’m absolutely grateful for all the messages you left here and for your emails too. They mean a lot to me, really.

I’ve purged my PL stuff from my past few months SC kits and I came out with FOUR goodie bags! They deserved a new home rather than sitting on my drawers collecting dust. So please love them and put them in good use. 🙂

Each bag contains a whole lot of random PL cards and lots of embellishments, including a stamp! These are good to make a few PL spreads. Please note that all 4 bags have equal amount of goodies but with different designs/products.


All you have to do is leave your full name in the comment box and I’ll randomly pick FOUR person to receive these goodie bags within the next 24 hours.

Giveaway is open to EVERYONE!

Good luck!

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    I soooo love your style in PL layouts. I think I have pinned most of them. I would so enjoy any goodies to make my album more like your beauty. Thanks.

  • Robin ReddDecember 30, 2013 - 4:55 pm

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    AKA Rockin’ Redd Robin!

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    Happy new year to u n yr family.

  • CiacchinaDecember 30, 2013 - 5:21 pm

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    Ciacchina (Cristina Teruzzi)

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    Ohhhhhh!!! that’s a great gift for my Project life!!! I just start and I am addicted!!!!
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Hey there!

I’ve got a couple of sneaks to share with you from the Day By Day class for 2014. If you’re on the fence to join this class, you should jump right in now! There will be tons of videos, tutorials, ideas, tips and inspiration from the contributors of this class throughout the whole month of January, so be rest assured you’ll get a good start to your 2014 Project Life.

For newbies, this will definitely help you a whole lot to start your Project Life, it’ll give you a good grip of what’s all Project Life is about. The support doesn’t end there – the team will be on the class message boards all year long to share journaling and photo prompts, sketches, and the encouragement you need to keep you going.

Only 3 more days to go before the enrollment closed. Registration is officially closed.

So, here are some sneaks of my title page, which will be shared along with the rest of the other contributors in the class.




See you in class soon! 🙂

  • MeyDecember 30, 2013 - 3:55 am

    OMG! Looking forward to this PL class!

  • Sharon CelesteJanuary 1, 2014 - 10:20 pm

    Above it says you have 3 more days to register. I would like to participate but can’t find registration anywhere. PLZ help!


  • FindingnanaJanuary 1, 2014 - 11:11 pm

    Hi Sharon,
    When I posted this post, it was on 30th Dec, Singapore time but 29th in the US. So, the 3 days are from 29th-31st Dec US time. Now it’s already past New Year so the registration is closed. I’m sorry to hear that you can’t make it on time. 🙁