Project Life | Week 24 & 25

Hello! I’ve just returned from my work trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Even though I’ve enjoyed my trip the last 5 days but I’ve really missed home, especially my boys. And I felt really bad for not being around on Ethan’s birthday. We had an early celebration the weekend before but I’m still going to make it up to it next weekend. Double celebration for this young man of mine who just turned 10 on Friday! Yikes! Double digit already?! Where did time go???? I thought I was just carrying him in my arms yesterday, burping him and changing his diapers and now he’s nearly as tall as me! I just hope he grows up a little slower, letting me enjoy him before he turns into his teens in a couple of years. Sigh…………. He’s been such an amazing boy and I’m so blessed to be his momma! I love you so much darling and here’s wishing you a wonderful 10th year ahead!

So, and here I am back and can’t wait to share with you the reveal of Studio Calico’s Penny Arcade kit! And as always or even better, this kit just tugged my heart a lifted more than the other kits. Every month the kit just gets better. And it motivates me to keep up with my Project Life, which I’m right now current! Woot woot!

I’ve had so much fun working with Penny Arcade Project Life Kit, the PL add-ons High Striker and Bottle Toss. They’re filled with gorgeous summer colors, so well coordinated with the embellishments!

I think I’ll leave it to my pages to tell you how wonderful these kit and add-ons are.:)

Week 24



I used a mix of High Striker and Bottle Toss on this spread. As you may have noticed lately, I’ve switched my page protector from Design A to Design K and the October Afternoon Daily Flash Pocket Sleeves with 3×3 pockets. I love these two configurations mainly because of the squares. I always print my photos from my IG so these protectors are perfect fit for my Project Life.

The other reason why I love using this square protector is the ease of printing. As I print from home, all I need is to upload my photos to my Mac, open up my printer utility, select my photos and print away! All my photos have been edited on my phone, so it saves me a lot of time getting them edited on my Mac. For printing format settings, you can read all about my process here. It also includes the type of printer and photo paper I use.

For 4×4 and 3×3 photos sizes, I print them using the Canon Pixma utility software (can be downloaded from the CD when you purchase the Pixma printer) on 4×6 photo paper with border setting.

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

Each 4×4 photo fits into the 4×6 photo paper (trim to square with border) and 2 of 3×3 photos on 4×6 photo paper (also trim to squares with border). If you’re a Canon printer user, you’ll know the settings in the utility.

The wood veneer stars from High Striker are my absolute favorite! I so wish I could have more of them.

The “cool’ speech bubble cut is from Penny Arcade Cut by In A Creative Bubble. I matte it with a pattern paper from Penny Arcade Paper Pad.



I love the map card from High Striker. There’s a sheet of this map in the Penny Arcade Paper Pad.:)

The flower cut is by Kim Stewart. It’s just beautiful!


The ‘love’ speech bubble cut is also from Penny Arcade Cut by In A Creative Bubble.

Week 25




I used the Penny Arcade Project Life Kit only for this week’s spread.

And because all the cards came in 3×4 and 4×6, I really had no qualms cutting them up to fit the 4×4 and 3×3 pockets. In fact, I love cutting up the cards to fit them into the pockets! I think they look fabulous in these protectors and it’s a good change to what I’ve always use in the past, the Design A protector. It’s refreshing and makes me want to keep up with my Project Life, which I did.:)

If change is good and for the better, I would do it any time. I’m not someone who’s anal about using a fix type of item and will go ‘berserk’ if I change the routine. *laugh* I’m happy that I’m adaptable to different ideas and concepts. I can live with PL cards that’s rounded or non-rounded. I can definitely live with different size of photos, different protectors, color palettes that are not so bright and pretty etc. I can adapt with everything that comes into my hand. it won’t kill me not to have everything perfect. I’m able adapt to make it work for me. That’s my strength.


Oh I just can’t get enough of that Kal Barteski woodgrain chipboard stickers! Love it to bits!



I’m not sure if you can see it, I placed the transparent Starburst Mini Mask over the “a beautiful thing is never perfect’ card and sew a circle around the starburst. I like the finished look.


I hope you’ve managed to get what you wanted during reveal and I promise you’ll love Penny Arcade as much as I do!

Thanks so much for popping by and see ya soon!

  • ChristineJune 30, 2014 - 12:00 am

    Leena you always make everything look so bright and pretty! Because of you, I bought the OA 16 square page protector and can’t wait to use them! Thanks for the inspiration, always. :)

  • Kimberly aka SamsSissyJune 30, 2014 - 12:16 am

    I always love your pages and these are no exception! TFS :)

Hey there!

It’s been a long time since I last popped in. Life has been truly busy, at work especially. I’ve been traveling and those weeks have been like crazy with hardly any time to breathe. And then Ethan and I got sick two week ago, with both of us trying hard to recover but I guess sometimes our body just need time for a big break. For him yes, since he’s having his month long school break, so he’s able to recuperate at home. But for me, no chance at all. I continued going to work, hoping for some kind of miracle I could recover fast enough but looks like this old body needs time.

Anyway, I’d love to share some sneaks of Studio Calico new July’s kit. Oh yes, time do flies and we’re just about 8 days away before July comes! Half the year is gone just like that! I promise you’ll love the Penny Arcade kits! If you’ve not seen them, sneak away at Studio Calico’s site here.

And here are some sneaks from me for the Project Life kit and the add-ons.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

This is from the main Project Kit only.


And this is from PL add-ons High Striker and Bottle Toss.


The same goes to this, High Striker and Bottle Toss.

They’re awesome, aren’t they? The kit and add-ons are packed with some of the most amazing cards and embellishments to date. You’ll definitely want to prepare yourself this month to grab everything! *laugh*

We’re only less than a week from the reveal day, so we’ll see you then!

Have a great week ahead!

  • Linda In AusJune 23, 2014 - 12:04 am

    Awesome as always. Safe travels for the week.

  • JanayJune 27, 2014 - 9:24 am

    Love these pages!! Can’t wait for reveal tomorrow =)


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Project Life | Week 18, 19 & 20

Welcome to the reveal of Studio Calico June Hello, Hello kit!

It was one of those times that I wish I could have 10 sets of the kit and add-ons! *laugh* This June’s kit is definitely my all time favorite to date. Lots of gorgeous summer colors that popped up right at me.

And this would be the first time ever that I’ve created 3 weeks worth of my Project Life spreads with a single kit and add-ons. Absolutely productive!

So here are my spreads using the Hello, Hello Project Life Kit, Guten Tag (PL add-on1), G’day (PL add-on2), Aloha stamp set and Hello, Hello Paper Pad.

Week 18




I’m using the main Hello, Hello Project Life Kit only for this week.

A couple of close ups on this spread.


The gold PL card is one of my favorites!


The aquas, orange, pink colors, are just lovely!

Week 19



The left page is from Guten Tag (PL add-on1) and the right page is from G’day (PL add-on2).

I tried out a new page protector from Daily Flash October Afternoon 12×12 with 3×3 pockets. Love this config to bits!



Week 20



I used a mix of Hello, Hello Project Life KitGuten Tag (PL add-on1), G’day (PL add-on2), Aloha stamp set and Hello, Hello Paper Pad in this week’s spread.


I love that ampersand cut from Hello, Hello Ampersand Cut by Paige Evans!


And the ‘fun’ cut is from Hello, Hello Cut by In A Creative Bubble (Geralyn Sy). I matte it with one the papers from the 4×6 Hello, Hello Paper Pad and cut out the outline.

Right at this moment, I’m current on my Project Life documentation and I hope to stay on this momentum for a while.:)

I hope you’ve enjoyed my PL pages and see you again soon!

  • NolwennMay 30, 2014 - 12:23 am

    Beautiful pages !
    I missed the Aloha stamp set twice (both at the presale and at the sale) :(

  • Christine NMay 30, 2014 - 5:55 am

    Wow, I really love those OA square page protectors! Will need to get myself some! I love all these pages you did with the Hello Hello kits. Very inspiring and so pretty!

  • Julie {CalleLillyCafe}June 1, 2014 - 1:07 am

    Yes I’m still a fan! Love the 3×3 squares too! I need some of those! Love all the details Leena! Fabulous pages!

  • ColetaJuly 14, 2014 - 9:09 am

    So much inspiration in this page. I’m starting my Project Life soon. I’m currently collecting pictures right now.