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Project Life | Week 31

_MG_5573aJuly was definitely a month full of activities for me. I was out of town for almost two weeks, both trips were back to back but I was home for the weekend to be with my family.

I went to Seoul, Korea for the first time in 13 years since my last trip there! That was ages ago. I knew I don’t have time to explore the city all over again because I was there for work but I did manage to sneak some time after work one evening to do a little fast speed shopping! Hah! Yep, I managed to snag about 7 pieces of clothing in an hour before I made a quick exit and headed for dinner with my colleagues.

The following week I flew in to Bangkok, another favourite city of mine and I did manage to eat some of my favourite Thai food! That’s one thing I love about my job. I work hard and yet I still get time off to enjoy eating local food. I’m a foodie person and I can eat almost everything, except some weird stuff like insects (this is popular in some cities), monkey brain etc. *laugh* I’m not a picky eater and I can eat spicy food well, that’s for sure. Most of Asian food are spicy, so I’m definitely loving it.:)

So, the thing I love about Project Life is that I’m able to document all the things that I do and see, places I go to, food that I eat and culture that I experienced when I’m traveling. My spreads are always filled with not only my mundane routine photos while I’m at work, photos of my family and me, food that I eat, cafes that I frequent, photos of my scrap room, but also places that I go for work. And that’s truly the memory-keeping that I love!

And so this week, I’m so thankful that I’m able to include snippets of my days while I was in Bangkok and when I was back home too. I couldn’t be more pleased to use Poet Society Project Life Kit to document this week.


Since I used the October Afternooon Daily Flash Pocket Sleeve with 16 of 3×3 pockets on the Week 30, I had to continue the back page for this Week 31. I cut up some of the 3×4 cards from the Poet Society Project Life Kit, insert them in alternate pockets and filled up the rest with my photos from my Bangkok trip.


I printed my 3×3 photos on Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Ex printer utility software, selecting two square photos and print them on a 4×6 photos paper with border setting. I cut them up, leaving a border of a few mm which fit the 3×3 pockets perfectly. I’ll do a post on how I print these format soon.


l’ve been adding labels with some sentiments to my photos a lot lately and I usually attach them to the photos with my Tiny Attacher. You can find the coordinating Poet Society label that I used on this sunset picture here.

One of the filler cards “Tell Your Story” was cut up to 3×3, I layered a few pieces of the transparency stars and sewed them onto the card with my sewing machine.


In one of the pockets from Week 30, I inserted a transparency attached with a piece of wood veneer. So, when it’s flipped over to this week, I added a printable label from here and adhered it back to back onto the wood veneer.


That orange card with a cup has a word that does not complement with the photo of me drinking ice tea so I had it covered with a transparency star and attached the printable “sweet” word by LifeLovePaper which you can find it here.


The Becky Higgins Design K Photo Pocket Pages has been my favourite protector for months mainly because of the 4×4 pocket size.

As most of my photos taken are posted in my Instagram, they’re already cropped in squares, so printing them into 4×4 is hassle free without going through any more cropping in Photoshop. All I need to do is upload them into my folder, print them on 4×6 photo papers with border setting, cut them to 4×4 and that’s it!


The diagonal paper strips that I adhered onto the photo is from one of the PL 3×4 cards. I just trimmed off two strips from the card, one with a white empty space that I stamped with the date of the photo taken, added some words and attached two small pieces of the transparency stars with my tiny attacher and cut another strip with sentiments.

Oh, I have to say that the gold rub-ons from this main Project Life kit is my absolute favourite! I basically add them onto my cards and photos and they look great just on it’s own or with other embellishments.


The squares days of the week printable by Hello Forever are really useful especially if you need to add journaling of stories or short review of a particular day. I made that card on the days I was in Bangkok, just recording short notes on what I did on those three days. I then layered them and sewed over the labels vertically.

And that Sunday to Saturday card is actually in 4×6 size but I cut it to fit the 4×4 pocket and wrote a quick review of the week. I finished it off by sewing over layered transparency stars and a printable label by Hello Forever as well.


Did I tell you how much I love the transparency stars? 😀

If I didn’t I made it pretty obvious because they’re all over my spread! *laugh*

That’s all for now.

This is a pretty long post so I’m saving up the other spread which I’ll be sharing tomorrow.

Before I leave, I’d like to share what I snagged from Studio Calico store during the pre-sale and full reveal yesterday. I’m obviously very pleased to get what I’ve been eyeing at.

In My Cart

So, here’s my list of goodies that I purchased this month.

From clockwise –

1) 4×3″ Circles Stamp Set – love this!

2) 6×8″ Page Protector #4 – to store my stamps in handbook

3) Uni-ball Impact White Gel Pen – trying out for my journaling on photos

4) 6×8″ Page Protector #3 – storing of stamps in handbook

5) Design K Photo Pocket Pages – replenishing for my pages for the rest of the year

6) Whitman (Poet Society embellishments add-on – love this!)

7) Color Theory Ink Pad Bundle – can’t wait to try them!

8) Alex & Ben Alpha Stamp Set – this would be great for adding titles to my PL cards

9) Silhouette 12×12 Cutting Mat – to replace my current piece which is not sticky anymore

I think I over indulged myself this month but I do need them. Hah! 😉

I’ll see you back tomorrow on Part 2 of my Poet Society real post!

  • Christine NewmanAugust 30, 2014 - 6:01 am

    Thanks for sharing your pages Leena! I always love to look at them and see what you’ve done with the PL main kit and printables.

  • Bernii MillerAugust 30, 2014 - 6:46 am

    Gorgeous PL spread ♥

  • Linda MorganAugust 31, 2014 - 7:42 am

    No, no monkey brains for me either. I got some k design pockets can’t wait for them to arrive and the same stamp set although I missed out on the alpha. Lovely lovely spread and thanks for going into so much detail on your post.

  • Kathy NeblettSeptember 3, 2014 - 2:28 am

    Another beautiful layout. I’d love to know what sewing machine you use

I have to say that I’ve been pretty excited (it’s an understatement!) since last week waiting for the day to come when I get to go on Paperclipping Roundtable chat show!

I have to say I was nervous as it would be my first time doing this kind of chat show. There were lots of “what if I chicken out at the last second?”, “what if I’m too shocked to even say a single word”, “what if they can’t understand what I’m babbling?”  and the list goes on and on.

When the time came and we went on air, it was already past midnight, with a cup of coffee next to me to help keep me awake, I’m a little brain dead as I’ve been awake for 18 hours and I just chat away, with a few lost connection period but overall it was a good one. I went about not knowing what I was saying the most of the 90 minutes! *laugh* But what the heck, it was all over before I knew it. I woke up this morning, played the podcast while I was getting ready for work and laughing at how hilarious I sounded.

I’ve got to say Noell and Izzy, hosts of the Paperclipping Roundtable were really wonderful and they put me at ease right away. Once again, thank you so much for inviting me to your chat show and for being so gracious, accommodating the time and date! It was a great experience for me and I’m truly ecstatic over the opportunity.

And what more could I asked for when I’m in the great company of Ali Edwards and Debby Hughes! These talented ladies and our hosts possessed such great sense of humor and they were really fun to chat with! I would do this kind of chat again a hundred times more with them, if I could. I’ve been a big fan of Ali Edwards for years and talking to her live on air was amazing! And Debby Hughes, she’s so talented and I’m a big fan of her work and she takes really wonderful photos of them too!


So, do pop over to Paperclipping and listen to our chat on how each of us photograph our projects, our process and our thoughts on taking photos of our work. I’ve posted how I photograph my Project Life some time last year and you can read it here.

Hope you’ll enjoy our chat!

Happy Wednesday!

  • Leslie GilvarAugust 30, 2014 - 9:27 pm

    I enjoyed listening to the show. Love your pages.

  • Jo BlackfordSeptember 3, 2014 - 3:02 am

    It was a really fun show! I was listening to the podcast with an image of you in my head (from instagram) sitting at your computer late at night with your coffee. And now I find that I can hear your voice when I read your blog :)

  • yinSeptember 6, 2014 - 9:19 am

    Just listened to the podcast, congratulations on being featured! As a fellow Singapore, so proud that you made it an international panel!

I realised how much I’ve missed the Studio Calico sneak time when I was out of town last month and couldn’t make it on time to play with my August kits. That was the first time since I joined the team and missed out on a sneak and reveal. But I did eventually get to play with them when I returned from my business trip. Would be sharing them soon.:)

So, I’m back in full swing now and I have to say September Poet Society PL kit and add-ons blew me away! Talk about some awesome kit filled with amazing PL cards and embellishments. If you’ve seen what I’ve shared in my Instagram today, you know what I mean.

So, here’s a peek of what I came out with using the Poet Society Project Life Kit, PL add-ons Oliver and Yeats.



Both of the above sneaks are from the main Project Life kit.



And these two are using Oliver and Yeats together with a digital cut file.

I think you have probably made up your mind on the kits and add-ons you’re getting, right?

All I can say that the main kit and add-ons came with really awesome embellishments that can make up many weeks worth of pages. I’m just saying. 😉

Oh, the PL kit came in the new packaging and I love it! It’s so eco friendly and I can definitely stow them away on my shelf by flattening the box. My kit came intact and everything looks perfect!

See ya in three days for the full reveal!

  • Julie {CalleLillyCafe}September 3, 2014 - 6:52 am

    I can totally relate to the every day filled of craziness & zero time! Still love your pages! Hope all is well your way! Happy day to you Leena! xo

Hey peeps!

There are two new classes coming right up in September at Studio Calico and we hope you’ll join us in both classes that pretty much covers everything on memory keeping.

Snapshot by April Foster

snapshotslide1In Snapshot, April Foster will be shooting a photo a day in September and you’ll learn to capture all the little details that add up to your favourite memories.

When you enrol for this class, you’ll be receiving:

  • 30 photo prompts designed to help you turn the camera on every aspect of your life and find new things to capture.
  • Photo samples for every prompt from April and one of her contributors, along with bonus ideas for each to help stretch your creativity.
  • Tips and tricks for staying inspired to pick up your camera and shoot new things from April and her contributors.
  • A minibook project from April featuring her photos from the class.
  • A class message board and gallery to share your thoughts and photos.
  • Digital photo brushes from Hello Forever (shown above).
  • A printable prompt list – sized to fit into your planner or your camera bag.

Pen & Paper by Laura Kurz


Laura Kurz will help you put your pen to paper and make your memories come alive! Do join her in Pen and Paper and take your layouts to the next level and see how you could use words to truly make a wonderful page full of memories. This class will explore many different ways of looking at life to tell your story through journaling prompts to interviewing your loved ones.

If you like to join both classes, sign up with Photos and Papers Bundle to enjoy more than 10% off in each class individually!

Snapshot, Pen and Paper and the Photos and Papers Bundle are available through 30 September and both classes start 1st September.

I’m really excited over both classes! I’m a photo a day kind of girl, so Snapshot is definitely my cup of tea and I’m also looking forward to the Pen and Paper class to help me improve my journaling and give me ideas for my Project Life.

Hope to see you in both classes soon!:)

  • ColetaSeptember 5, 2014 - 7:54 pm

    I joined this class and it’s awesome. I’m liking it so far. I just wished there are more tips in techniques on how to compose the snapshots. 😀

Project Life | Week 23

Hello there! I’m back with another week of my Project Life spread.


I would have to say this would be one of my favourite weeks that I’ve put together! Lots of white clean space and I love how it turned out.

This would be one of those rare times that I’m not using my SC kits. I love the idea of using other available PL cards especially when they’re from my favourite digital scrapbooking store The Lilypad. They have some of my favourite digital designers in this store – Paislee Press, One Little Bird  and Valorie Wibbens.

For this week’s spread, I used mostly The Good Stuff Journal Cards by Valorie Wibbens. I’m absolutely in love with them! The designs are simple and clean, just the way I like it.


This title card is also a digital printable from About Us Journal Cards by Paislee Press at The Lilypad as well.

I used the leftover silver lined label from my Penny Arcade PL add-on Bottle Toss, adhered them onto the card, added the “hello” Acrylic Clear Word from Heidi Swapp and finished it off with some leftover of mini alphas from my past Studio Calico PL kits.


On that selfie picture of myself, I printed in full 4×6 without border, stamped the “everyday life’ words from Technique Tuesday Classic Ali Edwards onto the label from Bottle Toss and voila! I’m keeping it simple with just those two words that described perfectly of my everyday work life.:)

That butterfly on The Good Stuff Journal Card is the Acrylic Butterflies by Heidi Swapp. They’re the same collection as the stars and hearts acrylic pieces I used on my Week 22 page. Seriously, I can’t get enough of them and I’m planning to use them again.


I have a fixation right now to just add a single circle chipboard on my photos. I just love the simplicity of it.


Here I’ve included two pocket size photos of my two girls onto a 4×6 card, adhered one photo directly onto the card first and then laid over the other photo on top and staple at one end. I do this so I can flip up the top photo and still able to see the second photo.

Next, I added a speech bubble wood veneer and a camera chipboard (Essentials Collection), both from Studio Calico, label from Evalicious and stamped onto the photo with another Technique Tuesday Insta This stamp set by Ali Edwards.


I used the Becky Higgins Design K protector for the right side, printed 5 photos of 4×4 size and inserted them into the pockets, and 2.5×2.5 photos for the 3×4 pockets. Those 3×4 cards are also from The Good Stuff Journal Cards by Valorie Wibbens.

_MG_5479aI do have a habit of attaching embellishments with my Tiny Attacher. Sometimes I don’t even use the glue tape at all. I just staple everything with the attacher.


This ‘a beautiful life’ sentiment card is definitely my favourite from this printable. I think I’m going to print a LOT of them and use it every week! *laugh* You can leave it as it is or add just one or two stickers or chipboards and use it as filler card.

_MG_5481aHere’s another photo with just one simple piece of chipboard adhered to the centre. Love it this way!

That grey card is from Day In The Life 4×4 Cards by Ali Edwards, the same set that I used on my Week 22 spread.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Project Life spread.:)

See you soon on my next PL post!

  • artfulscrapbookingAugust 8, 2014 - 1:28 am

    Beautiful pages!! I love your limited color scheme. :) Evie

  • PeppermintAugust 8, 2014 - 4:08 am

    I had a bit of a Sally Fields moment when you said you liked me. (I’m such a dork!) Beautiful pages! ♥

  • Christine NAugust 8, 2014 - 4:37 am

    I love printing out digital journal cards as well, and then add photos and embellish. You do it so well, Leena! Love looking at your pages.

    Did you know that One Little Bird is having a call for pocket page artists? I think you’d be so perfect! :)

  • Bernii MillerAugust 8, 2014 - 5:40 am

    Gorgeous weekly spread ♥

  • Raihanah AriffAugust 9, 2014 - 11:27 pm

    I don’t know how to say.. Your pictures in this entry so precious :)

  • Kate BLUEAugust 11, 2014 - 3:26 am

    Am finally jumping in on PL, hope yout don’t mind me stalking. ..ooops, lurking! ! Lol